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Decorating A Cozy Space

The mid-century modern design has returned, more popular than ever. Neat and clutter-free, it is a perfect style for an apartment or condominium lifestyle. Due to the fact that this trend is a simple, pleasing look that needs only handful of pieces of furniture to put together, it also might be the kindest on your pocketbook. A lot of the pieces that you’ll require can still be found at reasonable prices in consignment stores, thrift stores and at garage sales. Buying a good quality reproduction is an idea for one or two of your larger sized pieces. They will be instantly recognizable and set the tone. Regardless of if you can recall thew 1950’s or not, mid-century modern can very well become your distinctive style.


Selecting the furnishings comes first. Search for a solid-color couch that incorporates style elements typical in contemporary sofas of the 1950s. Look for one with a close-fitting fabric covering, flat or button-tufted. It should have smooth rectangular arms or, ideally, no arms at all. You should avoid traditional rounded or upholstered arms, and there shouldn’t be any sort of a skirt hanging down. Look for metal or wooden legs that happen to be rather simple, with strong lines and no decoration. Then look for genuine mid-century modern lounge tables. For identifiable mid-century flavor, opt for the well-known “step” style for occasional tables and bookcases and an amorphous shape for a coffee table


Seating from that period looked sculptural and was built to conform to the body. Egg chairs and the Eames Lounge chair are popular examples of this style. Decide whether you want leather or solid-colored woven materials. While the leg shapes don’t need to duplicate those of the sofa, try to go with all metal or all wood legs for a more unified look in your room.


Decorate the sofa with accent pillows in geometric outlines — triangular, square, or round. Choose solids that match and draw together colors from the upholstery fabric as well as any other textiles within the room. Arrange the pillows asymmetrically on the sofa without any formal arrangement. Do not arrange afghans on the furniture. Keep it uncluttered. Area rugs were seldom used in mid-century modern residences, even on hard-surface bare flooring. If you choose to use one, make it simple. Select a natural material rug or a flat-woven wool rug in a simple solid shade or an uncomplicated modernistic design using a restricted palette of colors.


Decorate with only a handful of lamps to develop a block of light. Choose lamps that are striking, both in size and in their sculptural form. They should be simple in shape but large, with plain drum-shaped shades. Accessorize a fireplace mantle or other large surface with one or two large items instead of a number of littler ones. Make use of a single oversized vase or sculpture or just a pair of modern candlesticks. In most cases, there was no artwork hung above the fireplace. Select abstract art in sleek simple frames for your space.


Always keep additional accessories to a minimum. A single decorative tray in a strong color (or one of the substantial sculptured ashtrays so well liked during this period of time) may be all that is necessary to dress up a coffee table. Use floral designs very cautiously, and then only those with a simple Asian pattern. One single personal photograph on an end table will make a more sophisticated look than a collection. The surface area of basically any table should always make its mistake towards bareness rather than embellishment.

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