The Red Light Lamp – Lamps that Actually Improve Your Health

Lamps are known to be a great source of light especially once the sun goes down. Over the years, thanks...

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Lighting is essential for all homes, though we are living in an era where saving energy is becoming imperative. The...

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Month: January 2017

The Red Light Lamp – Lamps that Actually Improve Your Health

Lamps are known to be a great source of light especially once the sun goes down. Over the years, thanks to technology, there have been plenty of changes in the lighting world. From lamps that save energy while providing the same or more amount of light to those that mimic the light of day, the creativity has been diverse. However, the best of the batch has been the red light lamp. Even though most would argue that it does not provide ample lighting, it does have even better benefits to your health which is a great plus. Here are some of those benefits.

On and under the skin

Skin related illnesses like blackheads and acne can carry a great hit to your self-esteem. There are plenty of methods that have been found that can treat the condition. However, not only are these in some instances not effective but also carry other side effects that you might not find pleasant.

The red light warm-up bulb offers an easy and highly effective solution to the problem. All you have to do is irradiate the affected areas with the red light lamp. When doing this, make sure that the warmth carries a pleasant feeling and not more like a burning sensation. For the best results it is better to make sure that the lamp is at a safe distance away from the skin.

Joints and Muscles

Even though joint and muscles soreness are not life threatening, they are not pleasant to have around. They occur as a result of accumulation of lactic acid in the body.

Red light lamps can also help to ease the soreness and pain and help you to regain your full range of motion. Simply place the lamp about 50 cm away from the skin and focussing it on the affected areas.

The infrared radiation caused by the lamp helps to increase the blood flow to the affected areas. Consequently, this also helps to carry away the accumulated lactic acid helping the muscles and joints recover more readily and in a shorter amount of time. Not only is the method effective, it is also cost effective.


Just as much as lighting can be important to seeing, inadequate or more than enough amounts can cause eye strain and with enough repetition eye damage. Other eye problems like styes can also be treated with the help of the red light lamps. Even though it is highly advised that you don’t conduct such treatments alone at home, with the help of an ophthalmologist and the red light lamp, it is possible to take care of such problems. There is a lot of care that should be taken in this instance.

There are plenty of options on the market for red light lamps, therefore it would be helpful to view a review and ranking of the top red light lamps available online. After some research I was able to find these guys: It has the most comprehensive information available for red light lamps and will assist you with purchasing the right lamp for you.

Other than offering the user plenty of health benefits and alternative ways to take care of some of the most nagging problems, red lamp lights also have other benefits that include their ease of use, reasonable prices, high quality and even the fact that they can also be used on infants. All you have to do is pick the right design and size for your needs to make sure that you maximize on the benefits that the lamps have to offer.