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Month: January 2016

Furniture Placements

One of saddest thing you may have experienced is moving out of your old home but moving in into a new home should also be one of the exciting moment you will have to experience after that. However, when furniture starts to come in, old or new, you will start to wonder where is for what. If this is unplanned move-in, placing your furniture could be daunting and will leave you a week maybe to stabilize placements for them.

The wisest thing to remember are the mistakes of furniture placements from the old home to avoid them. Next thing is remember the best arrangements done of the old home. That is the simpliest way to do it perfect this time. Know these common mistakes and avoid them:

  • Walls are never designed to hold your furniture, float furniture away from the wall, that way, it will reveal a creative space instead of a dead one at the center.
  • Be mindful of the natural beauty of your place. Your large sofa could be moved somewhere else other than placing it in front of your beautiful window enough to cover the view. If you have an indoor fireplace, never attempt to put chairs around it, the purpose of that is mainly for decorations and not a picnic area.
  • No to “too’s”. Too little, too large, too small, too big, too many and all those too’s, it needs to be a so-so. Too small furniture will lead you to employ “too” many furniture until space is covered with them, too large furniture will have you walk through the sofa to be able to cross into the other side.

Now you have identified the most common mistakes, you can now see what are the solutions. It’s all about being creative and do some thinking outside the box. While you are very clever of choosing curtain textures and colors, your lighting are perfect, you must consider that there are also furnitures.

  • If you are a lover of a fireplace, then you must make sure your fireplace is visible enough that even at the entrance you have the full view of it. If you are a lover of wide windows, then you must scrape out that sofa that cover a fourth of it. If you love your large vase, make sure it is not hidden behind the cabinet.
  • Knowing the space’s traffic pattern is crucial when arranging your furniture, close to perfecting the interior design of your space is a well-planned space traffic.
  • Buy multi-purpose pieces, like study table at night that could be a coffee table at day.
  • Don’t waste too much money with dividers, some of your furniture can create a natural divider.

If you are planning to move out, these house arrangements should also be a part of the plan.