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Month: January 2015

3 Trends to Update Your Kitchen This Spring

Guys I wanted to take a break from writing about Chinese antique furniture and wanted to quickly discuss how to update your kitchen this spring. I can’t wait till spring and summer 2015 🙂

If your kitchen saw better days ten to twenty years ago, it may be time for a kitchen upgrade. Whether you just want a fresh start this spring or need the updates so that you can eventually sell your home, making some simple adjustments can help even the most drab kitchen impress both you and your family. Don’t know where to start? Check out some of the following design trends to incorporate into your kitchen. Choose one or two of these trends to use and rest assured that even the smallest budget can accommodate them.

I. Mid-century furniture

Mid-Century Modern Kitchens1
While you may not want to go 100-percent mid-century (unless you want your kitchen to look like a snapshot from a 1950s housewife’s catalog or a dual set piece from Mad Men), there are some basic elements from the era that you can use in your kitchen. If you review some photos of classic mid-century rooms, you’ll notice the use of geometric shapes, clean lines, fresh colors, and wood paneling. When combined these design elements can create a simple elegance that is timeless and sleek.

If you’re not sure where to start, you can always start with the kitchen table. Look for a table with minimal woodwork—scrollwork and other flourishes need not apply—and a finish that emphasizes the wood’s natural beauty. Chairs should compliment the table with soft hues and minimal woodwork. If you want a slightly more trendy alternative, you can add clear lucite chairs to the kitchen that will blend well with the room.

II. Bold blue accents

Forget teal and grey; the hottest new color for your home this spring will be blue in bold, exciting shades. While the easiest method of adding blue would be to paint a wall, there are plenty of other ways to incorporate this color without having to worry about painting over the color in a couple of years. Instead, try showing off some blue bottles and vases on the countertop, which are both beautiful and functional. If you have pendant lights hanging from the ceiling, you can switch them out for blown glass or mason jar-style pendants in a blue shade.

III. Gold fixtures

If your chrome or brass-colored fixtures are starting to look tacky, try switching out a few key kitchen fixtures for gold. Obvious replacements include the kitchen faucet and lighting. Look for items that emphasize clean lines and the structural beauty of the fixtures. Also try to avoid items that appear to have been “antiqued” since that look is difficult to achieve without appearing tacky.